“We feel like we've been given great tools in teaching and guiding Toby to becoming a great companion.”

We are pleased to be able to help all dog owners
establish a lasting relationship with their dogs.
Here are some letters and emails from our clients.

Hi Denise,
Just wanted to touch base and send you a BIG THANKS!
You really helped us navigate our way through puppy-hood and develop Hank's skills and correct a few naughty ones...
We hope to see you in another class down the road. Have a great summer!
Big licks from Hank to You and Jasper.
Laura-your personal beach ambassador,Graham and Hank
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Hello Who's Walking Who team!
I just wanted to express a sincere thank you to Denise for her amazing teaching skills! My partner Cherie and I loved bringing Basil to class! We are all feeling like we are gaining more confidence with our skills and are excited to be practicing everything we learned.

Thanks so much Denise. You're great!
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At the beginning of the Total Recall workshop our 1.5 year old Golden had been investigating the other dogs when I called him. By the end he was running to me as fast as possible through the whole group of people and dogs. But I had no idea we would get to put it into practice so soon. The day after the Total Recall workshop we were walking in the woods in Haliburton, Hampton off lead. He went into the woods to investigate something. My wife said 'porcupine!' I yelled 'Hampton COME', and he was on me in an instant. The porcupine waddled off, and we continued, Hampton on lead for a while.
Please convey our thanks to your trainers Hilda and Amanda.

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(In response to an email I sent to Cathy when I heard she had lost her beloved dog)
Thank you Gillian for your very kind words. He did enjoy classes at WWW. We were involved from the start from puppy preschool through gold star and repeating many classes, through all levels of agility and later we took rallyO and then in geriatric age we returned for repeating level1 agility last year and finally scent training. He enjoyed the treats and the action and the time together and he always thrived on the positive reenforcement and the praise which was plentiful at your school.
We were lucky to get involved with you from the beginning and this established a great start to partnering together and a respectful relationship.
I still remember much of the feedback from the very first classes.
Thanks for the good memories and the wonderful lessons which will always stay with me.
Warm regatds
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Hi Gillian,
I've been meaning to write to you for weeks. The update on Nola is that she's great! She very quickly got better at walking after you came over and took about four days for her to be back to normal. Occasionally she will try to prevent us from walking a certain direction, but never to the extent where we aren't able to continue walking where we had intended.
Thank you so much for coming over and showing us what we needed to do.
She's an amazing, wonderful, lovely dog and we're so happy to have her back. It feels amazing to take her out and walk her like a "normal" dog.
Thanks again a million times!
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Hi Gillian,

The agility classes have been great. We've seen some significant positive changes in Riley and Caelie, and they love going to "school".
Caeli is just 18months old. She's become very attentive, and now tells us when we make handling mistakes.
Sixteen months ago, Riley suffered a head injury, couldn't walk, and was overweight. Now she's jumping, playing with Caelie, and has lost over 5lbs.
We have even started losing weight trying to keep up with Caelie.

These class have been great for our pups and us.
Both Mindy and Jenn are great instructors, and they make the classes a lot of fun.
Thank you,
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Good Morning Gillian:

I wanted to express my appreciation of thanks to Hilda and Amanda. They are such dedicated instructors that they were both helping others after class ended yesterday and I didn't get the chance to say good-bye and tell them how much I enjoy their lessons. This is our 4th course with Hilda and she has always made classes enjoyable for humans and dogs. She has a great gift for making learning "fun!" Amanda has always stepped in and helped out when Laci and I were struggling with a task. I would be happy if I had them for all the courses we take at WWW.

They're both wonderful teachers and I feel fortunate to have had them. I will be checking your schedule periodically to see what you schedule for Saturday classes.

Thanks again to you all!

Debi & Laci
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Hi, Gillian.

Ronan McGrath, Nina Peanut the Great Dane, Lola Poodle, and I finished the June/July 6-week course of Family Dog Beginner downtown, and I just wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the classes and the instructor, Karen.

We particularly admired how, amidst the chaos, Karen was able to individualize the instruction to the needs and abilities of the various dogs...and owners. That she was able to get all four of us moving in the right direction was a feat unto itself, but add in the other very different dogs and I am in awe. Also, as Lola was repeating the course after 10 years, she made sure during class to give me hints on taking Lola up a notch---delivering extra value I had not expected. (Lola and I had signed up mostly to support Nina and Ronan, and to make sure there were enough numbers to hold the class. )

We usually walk as a quartet, with Ronan taking Nina as I have had trouble managing her, and of course throughout the course he handled her, and I worked with Lola. Today for the first time since before the classes, I walked alone with Nina P.

I cannot believe the difference! Turns, sitting at crosswalks or when I stopped to chat, ignoring other dogs and things on the ground.... she is like a different dog.

Thanks very much, and please give my regards to the upbeat, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, supportive, encouraging, enriching, professional AND great fun KAREN!!!


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Dear Joan,

I wanted to thank you so much for spending time with us on Friday evening. I will definitely follow-up with you when I get back from Florida, but in the meantime I did want to let you know how my weekend went with Trouble. The whole weekend has been so much better. I took treats with me for all walks and it didn't take him long to figure out that if he picked up something he shouldn't have, and he dropped it that he would be getting a treat. He was soon even ignoring some interesting items as soon as I said uh uh. There was no growling and/or biting all weekend. He seems happier and I know that I am much happier. Frank was truly impressed with what you had to say and by witnessing the change in Trouble, he is a believer. Before, he did have a tendency to believe that animals need to be trained with a heavy hand and intimidation. Frank has been a totally different person with Trouble, speaking softer and quieter with him. Trouble now is coming up on his lap and has been giving him lots of kisses.

Thank you so much again.
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Hi Gillian and Linda Kitson.

Hope you are all well this holiday season. I am writing to share a happy story based on taking the first aid course. Yesterday I picked up and walked a 13year old English Cocker Spaniel named "Finnigan". What a great name, anyway as I watched him he was continually smacking his lips and swallowing, he then threw up a huge amount of food covered in copious amounts of white foam (probably saliva from his stomach)", the lip smacking continued and his stomach began to harden, yes you guessed it BLOAT. due to the freshness in my mind from the video during the course, I called his owner, had her call their vet and got Finnigan there immediately. Yes we were right BLOAT. Dog is doing fine and came home today, you just never know what can happen. Thought I would share this happy ending story and a big thanks to both of you for suggesting this course. The X-Rays came back showing his stomach so full of gas the vet couldn't believe his eyes. We are eternally grateful for being able to save this dog's life and a very happy owner so close to Christmas.

regards from John and Maureen

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Hi Gillian,

I just read the latest Dogs In Canada mag and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your article. I have had the experience of being in a class when I've had to stand up for my dog and say "no, I will not do that to my dog". I will be sharing your article.

Thanks again,
Caroline Kinloch
Firesong Aussies
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Jersey and I enjoy our classes immensely - not sure we are destined to trial - but I have really enjoyed the learning process and the bonding time with my dog. So - thank you for WWW! And I would be remiss if I didn't again reference how absolutely amazing Mindy is - such a lovely gentle person with exceptional skills in terms of understanding how to train and motivate dogs. She handles all of us - dogs and people - with great kindness, diplomacy and ability - and makes us ALL better at agility. Jen too adds to the enjoyment and learning in the class. Jersey and I will miss our Tuesday nights but ... we will absolutely be back in the spring.
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Hi Nancy,

First, the answer to puppy school for your sister’s pup. Hands down, the best puppy school I’ve been to is run by Who’s Walking Who. There’s a bit of travel to get to school, but it is WORTH it. You know me: I avoid going downtown…except for WWW school. The instructors recognize that puppies need fun and play—not just discipline. And, puppy classes are all about us learning about dogs and about how to train: they do both things brilliantly. The instructors teach us that when learning is fun, learning happens really quickly. Techniques are entirely pawsitive, and that’s what I love.
There are other schools, but I know this one best (because after trying others I kept going back for over 15y). Gillian Ridgeway, the owner, schedules lots of classes, so they meet the lives of most puppies.

Lee B.
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Dear Joan,

It semed since your visit Ace is calmer. He tried jumping a few times in the park, but without biting. Also, he displayed an incredible behaviour this morning that caught me by surprise. He stole a glove and calmly returned it when I called him and took it away...this is very unusual...I really praised him. Ace is a sweetheart and you are right, very sensitive, and I am starting to recognize this.

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Dear Joan,

It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing what you had to say. You seem like a terrific person...down to earth, genuine and friendly. It was comfortable, easy going, you made us laugh and we thought you brought to light many significant points (some of which we instinctively knew but lost sight of in the realm of misguided advice from not-so-worthy sources and the 'Caesar hype' of trying to make sure our dog was not dominant & "perfect") - again,

thank you!!
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I just wanted to drop this email to you to let you know what a fantastic day that I had along with my chocolate lab Molly taking the Pet First Aid course on March 22nd in Ajax. Lynda Kitson did the course and I was so shocked to see all the updates & changes made to this course since the last time I took it back in 2012 with Lynda. The course is fantastic and should be mandatory for anyone with a pet or working in the various pet field, whether it is dog walker, doggie daycare, groomer etc. The information and the confidence that Lynda provides to you in amazing.

Please let everyone at Whos Walking Who know that both Lynda and the Pet First Aid are phenomenal and I loved it.

Thank you for giving me the chance to let you know.


Lisabeth Fisher
Lisabeth Fisher

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That was a great article in the Dogs In Canada Gillian. I applaud you for your article and wonder if I have your permission to submit it to our local paper that continually interviews and does features on trainers that use shock collars. Please let me know if you would mind the reprint.

Thank you again,
Ruth Courtney-Beck
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Dear Joan,

You are an absolute godsend for your advice - we have never had more pleasant walks. I know it was probably a minor behavioural issue compared to what you're used to dealing with, but your advice has changed our lives. Thanks again for taking the time to send all that stuff off, you have no idea what you have done for us. Who knew the secret to happiness was hot dogs and salmon goo?

Take care!
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Hi Gillian

I just wanted to say that I came to the Puppy Points Seminar last night and really enjoyed my time. Karen and Hilda recommended it to me as I am having problems with my 7 month black lab jumping up on the counter. I think all your staff are wonderful!!!! I really learned a lot from Teddy. She is a great speaker. I would recommend Who's Walking Who to anyone I know who needs to have their dog trained. Thanks for the great experience and I look forward to more training with your organization.

Nancy and Sage
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After the session, I felt so much better about the direction you gave me (and so much literature to follow up with too!). It is going to take time but I think that not using force will also help keep my stress down so we don't trigger each other upwards. Thank you so much and I will keep you posted.

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Hi Joan,

By the way, just as an update, thanks to your training Duke's on-leash aggression is almost gone :) We've been able to go further and he's got a solid recall now and we've been training him to do a bunch of fun tricks. He's still a beagle though.

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Hi Gillian,

I want to thank you and applaud everything you said in your article in the July Dogs In Canada (2008). I read your articles religiously but this one struck home with an inpact. I have been instructing with our local club for 20 years so have watched training methods come and go. After attending one of Ian Dunbar's seminars many moons ago and having worked with all the jerk and tug methods of training my own Malamutes I thought it was worth a try and NEVER looked back. My own dogs became happy to do everything asked of them, less argumentative within their own pack as well as with me. I therefore have been instructing that method ever since. There seems to be, however, a reversal to the "old" tough methods rearing it's ugly head again in the "newbies" of instruction. I do plan to hold my ground and place your article on the bulletin board for all to see and hopefully swing the pendulum back to a more constructive method again. If only the newer instructors could really see what us "older and wiser" have seen happening with our dogs, they would be so much more inclined to learn. Thanks for the incentive you have given me with this article. It has renewed my faith in what I have been doing.

Evelyn Chisholm
Alaskan Malamutes and West Highland Terriers
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I just finished reading your article "Under Pressure - the Fallout of Heavy Handed Training". (Dogs In Canada July 08 issue) I'm a retired Special Education Professor whose current students are eight Labrador Retrievers. I really loved the line in your article "Learning theory generalizes among creatures with a brain stem". Two things I always teach my human subjects (future teachers) are 1) Punishment stops the behavior but doesn't change it. 2) Look for a near approximation of the desired response and stop. Then the next training session expect a little more.

Every other morning we (all eight) have "tea and toast". I drink tea while they do their sits and downs - one minute while the toast toasts and 3 minutes while the egg boils. Evo then takes the trash bag out to the garbage bins. On alternate mornings they walk/run along side the golf cart. Yes, my dogs have "Goals and Objectives" and I track the progress of the objectives each time we have schooling. All eight dogs have their CGC (Canine Good Citizen). Henna and Harley have their CKC and AKC CD title. Henna has 2 legs towards her CDX. Harley is the cheerleader. All the dogs start in conformation and then progress to the obedience ring.

Dr. Jean Hickam
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Hi Joan,

We have implemented all of the advice you have given us and I have to say it's almost like we have a new dog! There have been no further incidents (knock on wood) and Trigger genuinely seems happier. We no longer give him "high value" items, which gives him less to be possesive over and he happily shares his toys with all the family members. I have even started adding treats to his food bowl while he is eating and he is now fine with me approaching his food bowl while he is eating. It is amazing what a few simple changes can do!

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Dear Gillian,

Thank you so much for your article entitled “Teaching Boundaries”, Sept 8th, 2011 (which I found on Dogs in Canada
website). I am a fellow dog trainer and Ex pat living in Norwalk ,CT and your article is the first one that I've read (and believe me, I've read a lot) that has made total sense to me! I feel like finally "YES!" there is another trainer out there who is speaking the same language as me! Your article hit on so many core issues that I've been trying to explain to my clients..... however, you’ve done way better job than I ever could! Dogs need a leader, boundaries, a job to do and they need us to be consistent.

I will be making many a copy of your article to share with my trainer friends and clients!
Again thank you so much !!

Sue-Ellen McIntyre
Savvysnoots Dog Training
Norwalk, CT
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Hi Gillian,

Just wanted to thank you for today’s Puppy Points seminar. I enjoyed it very much and was surprised at how much I learned! Training techniques have changed so much. Today was informative and entertaining! Thanks.
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Hi, I did audit the puppy class with Hilda yesterday. It was a positive experience. She was knowledgeable, authoritative and gentle simultaneously. I realize how difficult it must be dealing with owners who all love the puppies equally, but each with a different level of experience and so many different human personalities and breeds of dogs. Absolute multi-tasking. I thought she was very professional. I was impressed with the staff to client ratio as well, the individual attention given to clients was apparent.
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Hi Gillian,
I recently completed the Practical Living class with my Westie, Rosie, and I am a bit tardy sending this note, so I do apologize. We had a wonderful time learning from Karen and Tom and the other members of the class. It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning and we are continuing to do our games.

Karen was a great instructor and I will be looking forward to taking another class in the fall.

Have a great summer!

Louise Evans

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Hello Gillian. I just want to thank you for the help you and your organization have given to me and my Havanese pup, Garbo. When you and I spoke I was becoming very discouraged at her reticence and shyness with people and dogs. Our conversation helped me put some things in perspective and I took your advise and registered for the puppy class with Karen. I just finished that class and it was fantastic. I can't really say enough about Karen and her husband and the way they conducted the class....it was professional,enthusiastic, educational, and fun. I loved it, but even more importantly both my pup and I have more confidence and I am not at all discouraged with her. Karen was really helpful in assisting me to understand my pup and to appreciate her. I have already registered for the next session with Karen and look forward to many more with WWW.
Thank you again, and if you don't mind, if you could pass on my appreciation to Karen I would appreciate it.

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