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Classes will be postponed on any stat holidays or the weekends of a stat holiday, and resume the following week.

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COURSE NAME: Recreational Agility - Level 1

Our Ajax location is smaller than our Sport center at Parliament Street, Toronto. If you are looking at competition level Agility, then we will direct you to that location.
Our Ajax recreational course is designed to teach aspects of Agility, geared towards your family pet dog. This is a fun way to bond with your dog. You will learn basic agility equipment and handling. Great exercise for people and their dogs! Great intro to the sport or if your goal is performance/demo teams in the future. We will work on equipment such as raised planks - teeter planks - tire - tunnel - small A-frame - barrel/intro to chute - pause table - jumps. We will discuss and work on targeting, motion forward and toy motivation. **This course has very limited space per class and priority will be given to previous WWW students.

COURSE FEE:  217.00 (+ taxes)


COURSE NOTES:  Prerequisite: Dogs must be friendly on and off leash. An intermediate level obedience class (Practical Living or Total Recall) is ideal but minimum of good obedience skills off leash and experience in our Family Dog class will be needed. Dogs should be over 6 months of age. Equipment at this location not suitable for really large breed dogs. Dogs should be under 80 lbs. Email office if more info needed.
Select Oct 30, 2018 Tuesdays at 6:00 pm889 Westney Road, Ajax2 min south of Hwy 401 (2nd floor)Lynda  

COURSE NAME: Recreational Agility Level 2

This course will follow right along with exercises learned in our Level 1 course. We will continue to work on equipment familiarity along with small sequences most weeks. Handling skills will be emphasized. Weave Poles are introduced and worked on each week with the goal of racing through them soon! This course does require the same handler as Level 1, as it is a team sport and the handler skills are equally important as the dog skills. Remember, this course is geared towards a fun time out with your dog, and a strengthening of your bond. *This course has very limited space*

Plank walking - Winged Jumps - Full size Teeter - Chute - Weave Poles (6) - Med A-Frame - Handling Skills

COURSE FEE:  217.00 (+ taxes)


COURSE NOTES:  Pre-requiste: Our Recreational Agility Level 1.
No dates at this time. If interested, please email us.

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